Bing Local Listing Optimization Tips

Annzo Corporation: A successful local SEO expert would try to optimize his business through every possible way in order to increase the chances of ranking better in SERPs.  A lot of local business marketers emphasize a bit more to be Google friendly and to do better with Google only. But in that process as much as Google has covered most of the search results on internet we shouldn’t forget about the other available options like yahoo and Bing. Yahoo and Bing are also one of the most essential SEO strategies and can help hundred times more in increasing your online stability. These search engines do not have ample share on net but still covers 15% of online search which means that those 15% of people still like to use yahoo or Bing for most of their research. 15% should be taken light because giving important to it can improve your local SEO results more than you can imagine. Just Google local listings are the most profound search engines available, there is Bing locals as well which should be added in internet marketing strategic planning. Here are some tips to remember while optimizing on Bing locals:

1)      The first thing to remember is to claim your business on Bing locals:If you are not registered with Bing locals yet, does it right away. The more your business is claimed online the more it helps in increasing its trust rank which is one of the most important aspects online. Bing has a way of highlighting the businesses that are more active and stable. Being active on Bing locals will highlight your business as well and most probably online potential consumers will choose your business listings for required services.

2)      Havestandard business information: Having standard and similar business information regarding your address and local phone is very important especially when dealing with local search engine optimization. The basic contact data is the business Name, Address, and Phone # (a.k.a. “N.A.P.”) — along with the website URL.

3)      Make sure to have an image related to your listings: Having an image can really boost up the chances of your potential consumer to choose your services because image really works as a positive first impression mean.

Bing Local Listing Optimization Tips

4)      Have set timings for hours of operation: Bing Local business profiles actually include a small  sign icon. This can be very helpful if your potential customer is searching through smart phone because it will highlight that your business is opened and available.

5)      Make sure that your categories are similar: categories are very important in relating your services to the right type of your business services. If you own local pizza hut and you choose category for food then most likely a potential customer who’ll search for food will bring up your profile as well.

6)      Adding subcategories as well: sub categories are also important in relating your services.

7)      Consistently add deals to your profile: keeping your profile updated its very important as you can socially involve your listings and keep them busier!